1k loop from LA to Flagstaff

May 9, 2016

When Curtis (@RambleOnPhoto) first told be about this idea, that he was calling "Ride 1K In A Day", I had two immediate responses: 1) What an awesome idea to encourage people to go ride, and 2) there is no way I am doing it. I love to ride and even enjoy big mile trips but my idea of “big miles” is 200‐300 in a day. Needless to say, 1000 miles was out of the question. I told him that he had my full support but that I had no interest in participating.


A couple weeks later my buddies Mike “Winnebago” and Colby officially kicked off the Ride 1K In A Day and I was stoked to follow their trip as they toured the West Coast, but I was still set that I was not interested. It wasn’t until Friday, April 29th where I was sitting in the Portland airport waiting to board my flight back to Orange County and as I was cruising through Instagram, I saw the final photo from Wayne and Tyler DuBose’s trip. For some reason I got this intense wave of inspiration and suddenly I knew that I had to ride the 1K and I had to do it immediately so I didn’t let the feeling wear off.


I texted Curtis right away and told him “I’m riding a G this Sunday” and once he realize what the hell I was talking about he was not about to let me off the hook. I was also texting friends that I thought would be interested in going along with me but with this particular Sunday being Mother’s Day I figured I was going to be on this trip solo. When my flight landed in Orange County, I wasn’t even all the way off the plane when my buddy Speed Kings Steve called me and said “I’m in, what’s the plan?” The problem was that I didn’t even have a plan yet so I told him I would get back to him that night. I came up with a route that seemed interesting, we set a time and a goal of 17 hours, and the deal was done... this was happening for sure.


At this point I could go on and on rambling about all the things that we experienced on our trip but instead I’m going to take this in a different direction. When I finally decided that I wanted/needed to do this it was for a simple reason, I needed to clear my head and riding always does that for me. However, while on this ride my 1000 mile trip turned into somewhat of a spiritual journey. In the movie Wayne’s World 2, Wayne is visited by a naked Indian in a dream. That naked Indian takes Wayne to meet Jim Morrison in a desert and Jim explains to Wayne that it is his purpose to put on a concert. I had this moment when I realized that my bike, The PoonCanoe, was my naked Indian and the highway was Jim Morrison.


What I found is that this challenge of 1K in a day is about so much more than just a patch or bragging rights. It’s about facing adversity, it’s about testing your own personal mettle and proving something to yourself. On our trip we were faced with pouring rain, pelting hail, frigid temperatures, zero visibility, scorching desert heat, sun seared skin, and the always terrifying CA traffic. We were put into positions that would make most people want to give up and walk away but we welcomed each challenge with a smile on our faces. There was never that moment where either one of us were negative about the misery that we were put through or a moment when we were sick of riding. In fact, we wanted to keep going even after we had made it home and racked up 1,053 miles in 17 hours.


What I realized on this adventure was my purpose and direction again. I was reminded that when I am faced with life’s trials I need to embrace and confront them rather than let them get the best of me. I recognized that the naked Indian had taken me to that same desert where Wayne met Jim Morrison and while I was hypnotized by the highway I heard “if you book them, they will come.”


I want to give a thank you to all of the Ride 1k In A Day partners: RambleOnPhoto, Biltwell Inc, Lowbrow Customs, Deadbeat Customs, Lost Highway Show, Orygun Run, Kill Yourself Or Die Trying, Endless Bummer and Sizzle Pie for putting on such an awe‐inspiring event. All of the cops that we passed on the way for not pulling us over even though we were speeding the whole way. Finally, I also have to thank Speed King Steve for throwing his hat in the ring and taking this challenge with me, it would have been a lot harder without you there. 

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