1k Loop from Vegas


When I first heard of the 1k challenge, I knew I wanted in. It was just a matter of when, and with who?


It was a 3a.m. wake up call, kick stands up at 4:30. With just under 5 hours of sleep I knew it was going to be a long day. We got rain on and off for the first 350 miles, the heaviest going over Murry Summit outside of Ely, NV. Soaking wet and cold, we agreed if the rain didn't stop we'd call it a day. Thankfully it did.


Jesse found a local thrift shop where he found the last XL shirt they sold and a fresh pair of socks, Brandon ditched the rain gear, and I decided to air dry. At the 500 mile mark we agreed on a new route to reach 1,000 miles.


When we passed the Arizona border the helmets came off, enjoyed the warm weather, and the last 400 miles of our journey. Twenty hours later, body aching, ass hurting, I saw the Vegas lights. We did it. We stopped for a celebratory beer, and called it a 1k day.


  • Squints:


We had a plan. We had a route. We had 5 people ready to ride 1000 miles within 24 hours. But shit happens.


I left the house at 3am, ignoring the storm clouds above me. All anyone said in response to us tackling this in June, in the desert was "it's gunna be so hot." I packed no rain gear.  By the time I arrived at the gas station on the outskirts of Vegas I was soaked, head to toe. As I stood there alone with my phone in my hand, part of me was hoping everyone had more sense than me and I would get text saying "fuck this. Reschedule." That text never came.


We set out at about 4:20am, in the rain. Heading north into the desert, in the rain, it got cold. We were 200 miles in and Ryan and Cris couldn't see the light at the end of the shit tunnel so they headed back to try again another day. The next couple hundred miles up to Ely Nevada only got worse. Zero visibility and zero dry clothes. We took shelter in a gas station and debated on getting motel rooms or just heading home. "Fuck it" was the decision. We scratched the game plan, seeing as how we seemed to be chasing a storm into Utah. We rerouted back down towards Arizona, through Vegas, trying to ignore the fact that we were so close to our homes and sweet relief. We made it into Arizona just past the 600 mile mark. The weather was awesome and the last stretch of the journey was cake.


Brandon, Todd and myself cruised back into civilization at about 12:30 am, 20 hours since we started the clock on this journey. As I watched my odometer click from 999.9 to 1000miles I was proud to have checked it off the bucket list with these dudes. I was grateful we all made it home safe, grateful we didn't run into any highway patrol while doing 90+, and grateful that Curtis put this thing together.  I never need an excuse to ride my bike, but riding and working on bikes has been my obsession for the last 10 years, so I'll support any challenge that allows me to do more of it.


Once the hangover of this ride wears off I'll be ready for the next one. Keep it movin.


  • MF Fink:


I heard "man good luck", "man I can wait to hear the stories", "wow that's crazy" I thought Shit it can't be that interesting, it was just riding with my brothers........ I was very wrong. I new it was going to be an interesting and challenging journey with a group of 5. Even more interesting that it was raining as soon as I open my garage at 3 a.m. It went from a light rain to a down pour by the first stop. And got worse on the way to the next gas up in Beatty. Ryan and Chris decided to head back because of the shitty forecast and mechanical issues. Jesse, toddddddd, and I continued on. Grey skies but great weather until we hit mid way on one of the longest stretches I have done on a motorcycle , About 170 miles with no services. Absolute downpour and about 50 degrees to top it off. By the time we reached Ely we were soaked, cold and about to call it quits, grab some whiskey and get a hotel. ..... But with a little "We are not giving up attitude" we made a new plan. From there we hit good weather, then into 100+ degree heat then into some  prefect riding weather (In my opinion) in Arizona. I have never ridden my Moto that long or that far before. It was a great experience with some awesome dudes. It was just an awesome journey and a realization that I need a new and more comfortable seat!


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