1k from Phoenix to Telluride, and back.

June 18, 2016


It all began when you guys started this and challenged people to get out and ride. I quickly started following your IG page and started seeing people start and complete the challenge, which got me thinking about a route I wanted to take. I originally had a route in CA all picked out but due to lack of interest by my friends or my friends having to work weekends it never panned out.

Enlight of this, I contacted an old friend whom I served with in the Marine Corps, and is an avid rider, and asked if he would be interested. Just as I expected, Cesar said yes without hesitation. So then the planning begin, what weekend and what route.  We were able to lockdown a good weekend, which happened to be Father's Day (didn't realize until after chose) and my friend Cesar mapped out a route.

With the planning complete we were then just waiting for the designated weekend to arrive, but in the meantime I had made several post both on IG and FB to see if anyone wanted to join us with no takers. Finally, just days before the ride, my cousin Matt Griffis, who lives in Tuscon, said he was interested. I gave Matt all the info he would need and so we gained one more rider. I was excited that Matt joined us as this would be the first time we had ever ridden together.

Now fast forward to the morning of June 17, 2016.  The day started for me at 630 am as I got up and got ready for work. I jammed in and was done by noon. I had most of my packing done minus a few odds and ends which I threw together quickly and got on the road and headed to Phoenix from Corona, CA.  The ride to Phoenix was an uneventful one as I have done this route hundreds of times, the only challenge was the extreme heat, was triple digits the whole way there. I made it to Cesar's house in around 5 hours knocking out 327 miles. When I arrived Cesar was outside waiting for me and helped me get somethings off my bike that I would need in the morning. We then sat around relaxing, catching up on old times and waiting for my cousin Matt to arrive from Tuscon. Matt finally arrived at Cesar's and we discussed our plan of action for the next days ride.

It started getting late so we all hit the bed to try and get some rest as we knew we were in for a long day. We planned on getting up at 3 am but with my horrible sleeping habits, I was up at midnite and then again at 2 am so I decided to just stay awake until the other two woke up. 3 am finally came and the guys were up and at 330 am headed to gas station to top off.

After gas and a Monster we sent our first text and hit the road heading to Flagstaff. Initially when we started it was already in the 70's but as we climbed in elevation before sunrise it started to get a little cold, down into mid 40's but we kept pushing on and learning how each other rode. We actually all rode well with each other almost as we had been riding together forever.

We stopped for gas in Flagstaff and then pushed on stopping for lunch in Yuba City then for gas again in the next city down the rode. The groups next stop would be the Four Corners Monument for a little sight seeing opportunity and photo op. We then pushed on into Colorado where some of the best riding of the whole trip took place after getting through Cortez. The road after Cortez, CO was amazing, two lanes that ran along a river with great back drops and some good twisty sections. Well, we pulled into Teluride getting very low on gas but in awe of the scenery.

After stopping for gas in Teluride we decided we really should get going and push hard on the way back only stopping for gas and/or bathroom breaks as we were all still feeling very energetic at the halfway point. On the way back we stuck to our plan and really buckled down and pushed hard making it back to Phoenix around 1 am. When we got back to Phoenix we quickly unpacked, grabbed showers and hit the rack around 230 am. My riding was still far from done tho. I woke up at 530 am, packed up, got gas and started my long (another 330 miles) trip back to Corona.

This ride was definitely an amazing one, both challenging and well worth it getting to ride to new places with an old friend and family. We all agreed at the end that we will be doing this again and to another area and route.

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