The rules are simple

and designed to bring recognition to the rider through RIDE 1K IN A DAY media outlets.


The more your ride is documented the better we can bring recognition: take pictures, video, and write about your experience.


All we ask is that you contact us before your ride. You would then be instructed to provide GPS locations at beginning, end, and updates in-between.

If there is anything that motorcycle riding is all about it’s the community, laying down miles, and the places those two wheels takes us.


Through RIDE 1K IN A DAY we hope to remind the community of the one thing that seems to be of fleeting importance- riding your bike; and I mean really riding your bike.


Challenge yourself. Treat yourself to an experience that is so unique, and truly life changing. After riding 1,000 miles in 24 hours everything feels so much closer. Even make the journey that much more memorable by doing it with a few friends. Share the story, and the pain; and carry a memento of that ride in the form of a patch. Another badge of honor for the collection that reminds us, and proudly displays, why we ride: the community, laying down miles, and the places we go.


© 2016 RIDE 1K IN A DAY by Curtis Morgan

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