important things to know
BEFORE you Ride1k
Take 5 photos of gas receipt next to odo TOTAL miles, NOT trip.
Start of ride, 3 along the way, and at minimum 1,000 miles. Time and location on receipt must be present, accurate, and clearly visible. Odometer must also be clearly visible. If you are unable to get a receipt with this information - use your best judgement to record any proof of that moment. Showing time, place, and that you were on a motorcycle. 
If you do not have an odometer you must take the same photo, as if you do. Time and location on receipt will be used to calculate your total time and miles, accounting for time zone changes. If you go beyond 1,000 miles and want us to count those miles make sure to take the same photo when youre finished.
Take 4 photos of your ride, of whatever you want. Have fun with this!
These photos will be used in our social media promotion of your ride, and you may submit up to 8 photos. This is required so that we may showcase more original content, unique to your ride. The first photo you submit in the form will be printed as a polaroid, a Ride1k keepsake!
You will also be required to submit a short story of your ride, for the same reason as these photos. At 2,000 max character length your story will be directly copied to our social media caption of your ride.
Complete 1,000 miles in 24 hours or less, on any two wheeled machine.
Disqualifiers include exceeding 24 hours to reach 1,000 miles, not reaching 1,000 miles, and/or missing required photos as detailed above.